TED Talks – Hans Rosling, the stats magician

by Adelaide Z  |  May 16, 2010

Statistical analysis, when done right, can help us dissect data, understand trends and get us to answers which otherwise would have seemed unattainable or foggy. One of the most creative, informational, and entertaining videos that I have ever seen about statistical analysis is shown here by Hans Rosling, who in this clip shows us the power of merging great tools with relevant data.


Amongst the hundreds of amazing speakers, talks, and intelligent ideas that are found on TED, this is one of my favorites. Rosling uses world data to show us some powerful stuff about developmental economics, flushes out some captivating concepts and leads us to draw some interesting conclusions about the need for further widespread availability of useful data. If you have 20 minutes to spare to learn something really cool, it’s worth the time.

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