The Vigilant runners tackle the Montreal half marathon

by Adelaide Z  |  September 26, 2011

It was an exceptionally warm and humid early autumn day in Montreal yesterday, and it just happened to be the annual 42 KM Montreal Oasis marathon. As usual, parts of the city were closed to traffic to let the runners through. Four members of the Vigilant Run Club registered to run the half marathon and today a few of them are a little more sore than your typical Monday morning.

Our very own 5* Athlete - an occasional Vigilant blogger - finished with the best Vigilante time of 1h 45mins, but the others did really well too. They looked as good yesterday as they did last week running the marathon in their matching Vigilant jerseys.

The Vigilante marathon runners

For full results, you can click on this link: .

You can find a photo diary of the race on the Vigilant Futures Flickr feed thanks to another blogger - Mighty Joe!

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