Epic traffic jam?

by Adelaide Z  |  August 25, 2010

I just cannot fathom being stuck in a 10-day long traffic jam and the prospect of sitting in it until the middle of next month! A 10-minute traffic jam makes me, well, unhappy and can cause some roadrage-esque sentiments.

Right now, across the world in China motorists are just coming out of sitting in a traffic jam dozens of miles long that according to reports was to possibly last well into mid-September. Maybe it’s due to the roadwork or the massive increase of personal vehicles on Chinese roads; regardless, how exactly does one cope in a 10-day (or worse month-long) traffic jam? What about work, school and the daily necessities of life?

The route is popular with tourists visiting the Great Wall in the stretch from Beijing to inner Mongolia. According to news reports, mini-economies have sprung up along the road-side where locals are selling water and food and exorbitant prices.  Good ol’ supply and demand!