Vigilant Global partners with Lufa Farms

by Adelaide Z  |  November 15, 2013

Vigilant Global announced this week its partnership with Montreal-based Lufa Farms – builders of the first commercial rooftop greenhouse with the vision of changing the way the world eats.

Every Tuesday, Lufa Farms will deliver Vigilant-subsidized grocery baskets of rooftop-grown organic vegetables to Vigilant Global’s downtown office for employees to take home. Employees can order as much and often as they like knowing Vigilant will partially subsidize the total cost of the basket.

One of Vigilant’s co-founders has been a subscriber of Lufa Farms for over two years and decided it was time to share his love of locally and organically grown vegetables with his employees because nothing beats the scent and flavor of a locally-grown vine-ripened tomato during a harsh Montreal winter.

The Lufa Farms team came into the Vigilant office for a Lunch & Learn this week and brought an enormous bowl of salad made with their own lettuce, strawberry tomatoes, and English cucumbers. Needless to say, the salad did not last long because it was so tasty. The Lunch & Learn, however, had everyone captivated — so that did last a while.

A large number of employees signed up for the Lufa Farms basket service and the office has been buzzing since then with talk of what to order come this weekend when the marketplace opens.


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