Chuck never takes a day off!

by Adelaide Z  |  March 21, 2011

So now all of North America knows what us Montrealers have known for a while: Chuck Hughes is an awesome chef and Garde Manger is his hipster playground where his culinary ideas are born. He is Montreal’s worst-kept secret, but we’re happy to share him and his gastronomic prowess with the rest of the world so long as it is in TV form via Food Network Canada.

Yesterday night, Food Network Canada finally aired Chuck’s appearance on Iron Chef America. His selected opponent: none other than Bobby Flay. With Chuck’s ‘go big or go home’ attitude, you just knew he would choose the celebrity chef.

Anyone who’s watched Iron Chef America and dined in any one of Bobby’s many restaurants knows he is extremely tough to beat. No other Canadian chef beat Bobby before in the Iron Chef stadium. Not Susar Lee, not Lynn Crawford, not Michael Smith.

But Montreal’s own Chuck Hughes did it. His take on the secret ingredient – Canadian lobster – beat out Bobby’s dishes. His simple working-man dishes, as one judge called them, impressed the judges and ultimately led to Bobby Flay’s demise in battle Canadian lobster.

Montreal is totally proud! Check out what Chuck had to say before the battle began: 


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