Youth Fusion helps keeps kids interested in school

by Adelaide Z  |  November 8, 2010

Youth education is a subject dear to Vigilant Futures. A recent article in La Presse discussed ways of improving public school/education in Quebec to counter some of the highest drop-out rates in the country.  It outlines eight ways to help high-school students stay in school including increasing the legal age for dropping out to 18.

Among the suggestions: develop meaningful afterschool and extracurricular activities that extend the classroom with a perhaps non-traditional twist like project-based activities. Youth Fusion is highlighted in the article as the success story of this method. Remember our involvement with project FIRST?

Youth Fusion introduces high-school students to activities they might not have otherwise heard of or participated in. According to La Presse, research shows these types of project-based activities increase overall student success rates and reduce absenteeism.  

The projects are run by university students who volunteer their time and ask the students what projects they want to work on. You don’t usually get to choose your assignment in school.

 Read the full article here: La Presse article

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