Vigilant strips their feet bare for a good cause

by Adelaide Z  |  April 6, 2011

TOMS Shoes decided April 5th would be a good day for people around the world to commemorate the fact millions of children globally do not wear shoes on a daily basis simply because they don’t have any. Poverty in developing countries doesn’t allow for shoes when food and shelter are more important requirements. This leaves the very young exposed to infection, intestinal worms, cold weather disease, and countless other diseases most people in developed areas take for granted every day.

So Vigilant Futures lent their support in the way of barefoot feet hitting the cold and rainy pavement of downtown Montreal with local ‘One day without shoes’ event organizers. We all met on the corner of St. Catherine and University, donned in the proper attention-getting signage and attire, but minus socks and shoes. Our bare feet were the star attraction by far.

Needless to say, spring is a little late this year and the ground was not very cooperative yesterday. On the plus side, the pavement was so cold it numbed our feet pretty quickly so the nasty elements Montrealers leave behind on sidewalks were a distant thought.

Sure some of us walked around barefoot in the office all day but that was inadequate preparation for what we felt outside, what millions of kids around the world feel every day but don’t give it a second thought because they’ve never known anything else.

You can checkout our short video from yesterday or our pictures on the Vigilant Futures Flickr page. You should also get the full stats at

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