Vigilant Global’s R&D team donates time and skills to help the Neuro

by Adelaide Z  |  February 29, 2012

A few months ago, one of Vigilant Global’s co-founders approached the Neuro in an effort to expand Vigilant’s community involvement to include this world class research center. Through a series of meetings about potential collaborations, Vigilant and the team at the Neuro agreed Vigilant’s R&D team would expand the data acquisition software and develop a database for Dr. Gabriel Leonard’s research on the human motor system.

When neuropsychologist Dr. Gabriel Leonard created a new device to test motor skills in patients with conditions such as ADHD, MS and Parkinson’s, he needed software to collect and analyze the vital data and to create a massive central database. This is where Vigilant steps in and is currently providing the Neuro a dream team of twelve within the R&D department who will play a critical role in the success of this research project.

The beneficiaries of this study are people of all ages who suffer from motor difficulties, whether caused by an accident, an acquired neurological disorder or a developmental or genetic condition.

One of the first groups involved in this research project are children who suffer from neurological conditions such as learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.

The Neuro’s goal is to make the data collected throughout this project available to the scientific community. The hope is to one day have the Tapping Apparatus available in all doctors’ offices to diagnose patients who may be suffering from a neurological or developmental disorder much sooner.

Vigilant’s employees were also given the opportunity to take part in the normative data gathering process as the Neuro needs 2000 healthy people ages six to 92. The Neuro team set-up their data-gathering tests in a few of our conference rooms and Vigilant employees – in the name of advancing science and the Neuro’s research– took an hour out of their day to take these tests.

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