Vigilant Global Shines in 2014 Spirit of Giving Fundraising Campaign

by Adelaide Z  |  December 12, 2014

Every year CTV looks to Montrealers for help with its Spirit of Giving campaign. Over 50 schools and 30 businesses in the Greater Montreal area rose up to the challenge this year; bringing in as many food-and-care packages as possible to lend a hand to families in need.

Vigilant held up its own end of the bargain by contributing thousands of food items, toys and household items. Internally, the fundraiser gave way to a little competitive spirit; departments were divided into different teams and attempted to one-up each other at bringing in the most items.

On pickup day, volunteers from the Spirit of Giving dropped by the VG office and rolled their trolleys to the storage room - only to be blown away by the amount of donations patiently awaiting their arrival. According to them, Vigilant contributed around 10% of their total donations; well beyond anything they expected. Seeing their faces light up confirmed that our fundraising had been a job well done.