Vigilant Futures gets seat on Youth Fusion Board

by Adelaide Z  |  July 5, 2011

Youth Fusion announced today something everyone here at Vigilant has known about for a short while! One of our co-founders, Arvind Ramanathan, was appointed a board member on the Board of Directors for Youth Fusion. We’re all pretty excited, especially Arvind.

Every Vigilante works with Youth Fusion in one way or another, but no one tops Arvind. He’s fully committed to Youth Fusion and the Youth Fusion kids. He’s involved with Youth Fusion in so many ways we’re glad he got the recognition he deserved for his hard work!

Youth Fusion already boasts some pretty big board members but we’re sure Arvind’s astute business acumen combined with his passion and that of Gabriel Bran Lopez’ – founder of Youth Fusion — to motivate teens to stay in school will serve Youth Fusion well.

To read about the appointment click here: Youth Fusion appoints co-founder of Vigilant Futures Arvind Ramanathan to board of directors

To learn more about Youth Fusion, please visit

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