Vigilant collects over $26K for Montréal charities in time for holidays

by Adelaide Z  |  December 16, 2016

This year marks the fourth consecutive year that Vigilant participated in CTV Montreal’s Spirit of Giving, a campaign that runs throughout the holidays and reaches 10 different local charities.

Employees were divided into four teams and competed to collect the most money to buy goods. Local grocers, pharmacies and dollar stores alike encouraged teams as we cleaned out their shelves and hauled mountains of goods out of their stores. Said one Metro cashier, as he snapped a photo of the total due on his phone, with a smile: “This is the biggest order I have ever rung up!”

Teams worked together in a way that we’ve never seen before. From helping to carry groceries, to encouraging others to get involved, we’re so proud of our Vigilant family! Our 2016 Spirit of Giving brought in over $26K altogether - almost double our total from last year.

2016 also marked the second year that Vigilant participated in the DRW Holiday Giving Challenge along with the Spirit of Giving. Our Montreal office broke a record for participation, scoring 100%! The DRW Holiday Giving Challenge brought in over $112K USD, which is a record high for the firm – congratulations to all of the offices!

To see more photos of the campaign, visit out Facebook site here!


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