Top awards: a good start to the year

by Adelaide Z  |  March 15, 2013

We are very proud of the way things have been going for Vigilant since the beginning of 2013. We have made our way to several Top Employer lists, including Top 20 Employers of Montreal, Top 50 Small and Medium Business Employers and today, Top Employers of Quebec. These awards are the best recognition we could possibly receive for all the work we put into making our employees as happy and motivated as possible.

Few people may know this, but a good amount of preparation is required to apply for Top Employer lists. There are several documents that need to be submitted; employee handbooks, corporate practices documentation, press clippings and various other paperwork. Then, there is the employee engagement survey. This survey is sent out to all employees, who anonymously respond to questions concerning management, social benefits, training opportunities, etc.

Essentially, the employees do a large part of the work, and they are the ones who show us that they are satisfied with the work environment we provide. This is why we take these lists as a confirmation that we are doing well, straight from the mouths of those we are working hardest to please.

So Congratulations to all of us!

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