Snowy streets can't stop Lasalle High School students!

by Adelaide Z  |  December 8, 2010

Every year LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School holds a canned food drive around the holidays to benefit those facing a tough holiday season.

This year’s canned food drive happens to be today, with our city streets filled with snow, several more cm continuing to fall, with city crews out trying to clear the existing snow from the roads, and with the sidewalks and walkways still icy and bumpy in many neighborhood homes! I’ll be driving some of the kids around and it’ll be interesting to see them fight the elements in their quest to collect food for the needy.

Snowy Montreal streets

The plan is to get as many volunteers as possible to chauffeur the LaSalle High students from door-to-door in the neighborhood to collect non-perishable food items. They then bring everything back to the school gym and an “all-hands on deck” sorting of the collected goods takes place.

Neighbors know what to expect. The kids do this every year. And a few weeks ago, as always, the LaSalle High students mailed out flyers to everyone in the borough to advise them of the date and time they could expect a ring at the door by smiling students eagerly anticipating donations!

I’ll be tweeting about what I see tonight, so follow me @VigilantFutures!

Visit the LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School website and learn about their events:

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