RBC Challenge for Centraide

by Adelaide Z  |  November 21, 2012

Today was the annual RBC Challenge at Place Ville-Marie, an event whose greater purpose is to raise funds for the Centraide (a local charity focused on helping the less fortunate of the Greater Montreal region) and whose lesser purpose is to get people excited about breaking personal records.

The challenge involves a relay race between the 10 members of a team, up the 41 flights of stairs of Place Ville-Marie. Each member runs up a certain number of flights, and hands their relay baton to the next runner. The whole event is timed, and the top runners win medals for their efforts.

Our two teams; the Vigilant Ascendants and the Vigilant Stairmasters, beat the Honor team (composed of Olympic and star athletes) despite a slight mishap in the staircases. Both of our teams were top of the list in the first wave of runners but were unfortunately dethroned in the second wave.

Still, a big congratulations to our runners for doing a wonderful job! We are very proud of them.

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