Paying it forward: James Lyng helps 10 Lasalle High School students through a Bball game.

by Adelaide Z  |  March 23, 2011

Vigilant Futures has its select basketball aficionados on staff that meet every Friday on the bball court at the local university. The last Friday of each month, this select number of bball lovers face off against the Youth Fusion team from James Lyng High School and realistically, the younger players do get the best of us each time. 


 This Friday will be different. This Friday the Vigilantes will be spectators at LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School (LCCHS) when their bball team gets some court time with the kids from James Lyng High School. The reason: Vigilant is sponsoring 10 students from LCCHS to go to Ecuador in April…on the condition they play James Lyng for it.  


The idea behind the friendly game was to get the entire school involved to raise funds for the 10 students. If the LCCHS basketball team wants to help their fellow classmates raise the money, then they’d be happy to help them out. And the kids from the James Lyng Youth Fusion program know all about helping the Montreal community. A perfect match. It’s part of the Vigilante way to pay it forward.  

Lasalle vs. James Lyng



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