New Hopes for FIRST Robotics 2015 Season

by Adelaide Z  |  February 24, 2015

Robotics mentor and two students having a conversation behind a half-built robot frame.

For the fourth year running, some of our colleagues at Vigilant have teamed up with students from LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School to build a competition-ready robot for Robotique FIRST Quebec.  

This year’s six week build period began on a high note, with students and VG mentors rising to the challenge by finalizing the concept for their robot during the first two weeks. To win the competition, our bot will need to be able to stack and place objects on the playing field and outpace the other teams doing the same. 

The team decided to up their strategy for the 2015 challenge by building two robots simultaneously. The first robot was completed just short of the build period deadline and will be used in the competition. The second robot will be used to test impending improvements to the original bot during the upcoming weeks, right up until competition weekend on March 21st

Our head mentor was especially impressed by the new LCCHS recruits and says that “the students were more involved in the build this year than they have any previous year. This year in particular our most dedicated and improved students [are two girls who] came in rather shy at the beginning [and are now] my star students.”

Both students and mentors feel there is lots of work left to do before FIRST weekend, but are willing to pull their weight to get it done. We are confident that our best robot to date will perform like a champion on game day!  


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