LCCHS has an interesting debut at FIRST Robotics Oshawa regional

by Adelaide Z  |  March 14, 2012

They weren't exactly the easiest six weeks the students at LCCHS had ever experienced. But I think it's fair to say the weekend in Oshawa was worth the six-week effort they put into their robot, especially when it took the field and manoeuvred about - almost - perfectly. The tank treads the students and Vigilant employees so lovingly manufactured and perfected after the first test drive almost didn't pass the initial inspection. The judges' worry: they might rip up the playing field carpet. After a quick demo, they were convinced and gave Sonic Howl a passing grade.

The team did have to give up the tank treads though when they realized the treads would never make it cross the metal barrier.  Practising in a high-school auditorium with a four-inch block of wood wasn't enough somehow.

The true spirit of the competition came shining through when other teams with spare wheels donated them to the LCCHS robot so it could make it into the qualifying rounds. The wheels were mismatched, but they got the job done pretty well.

Overall the trip was a success. The LCCHS team got their feet wet and know what a FIRST Robotics final is like and they got in a few hours of drive-time. The also managed to bring home a few awards: two housekeeping awards for keeping their pit clean, and the awards for Rookie Inspiration.

Next stop: Montreal FIRST Robotics regional March 15-17.

Removing the drive system

Different wheels

The team with their Rookie Inspiration award

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