FIRST Robotics: Round 1

by Adelaide Z  |  March 8, 2013

LCCHS and Vigilant are as of now in Oshawa, Ontario, playing a series of matches that will seal their fate for the competition.  The mentors and kids arrived Wednesday night, and worked hard all of Thursday to prep the robot for the series. Some modifications were suggested by the judges, and some were decided upon by the mentors. A second feeder was installed to load the frisbees from the back, as well as a container to keep them stationary before they need to be loaded, and a mesh around the robot to protect the electronics from damage.

Their first match was at 9:09 this morning; a tough play for our team, who didn’t score any points and experienced some trouble with the balance of their robot, due to the last minute additions from last night. Last we heard, the robot was to be tested in the pit; its power settings for the launcher to be reworked and balance issues to be resolved. 7 matches will be played today, and those of us left behind are eagerly awaiting the scores.

First photos available on our Flickr


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